• Brand: BOTA

  • Model: BMCS Series
  • Origin: China

  • Delivery Time: 1 Month


The automatic circular seam welding machine is a piece of general welding equipment which is used for finishing all kinds of circular and annular welds. It can weld materials such as carbon steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminum and aluminum alloys, and can weld using an argon arc welding system, melting pole gas welding, plasma welding with automatic seam welding system. It can be widely used in the production of hydraulic cylinders, drive shafts, storage cylinders, chemical and medical containers, liquefied petroleum gas chambers, fire equipment, mining and production lines with drums and liquid storage tanks and other products that require welding.


1. the bed adopts horizontal structure, which is made of welded structural parts refined by annealing to ensure that the bed guide is not deformed.
2. the spindle box head is driven by DC motor or AC frequency conversion motor, with stable and reliable speed.
3. the spindle end is installed with welding fixture or three-jaw chuck for clamping and positioning workpieces.
4. the tailstock can be pneumatically or manually tightened, and the end can choose different welding fixture or movable top according to the form of workpiece; the tailstock can slide on the bed guide, and the distance of the headstock can be adjusted to suit different lengths of workpieces.
5. the welding gun mechanism can be moved to the corresponding position along the rail direction according to the different welding positions of the workpiece.


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