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  • Brand: BOTA

  • Model: BGET Series
  • Origin: China

  • Delivery Time: 1 Month

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Product Introduction

Elliptical tanker welding machine suitable for elliptical round, double D shaped tank (edge smooth transitions) and other shaped tanks outer circular and longitudinal seam automatic welding. Welding head can be electrically lifted on a wide range with operating platforms to accommodate different tank diameter range welding, welding head with electrically traveling along the rails on gantry frame, can be adapted to different lengths of workpiece welding. To meet the different length of the workpiece to achieve the best supporting point, two supporting frames of welding rotator support can motorized travel along rail and manually locked after a suitable location realized.

Longitudinal seam welding mode: electric rotating the workpiece driven welding rotator, longitudinal seam weld would be required to rotate the tank top or advantageous position welding, welding rotator stops, the workpiece does not move, the torch along with the gantry rails were welded longitudinal seam.

Girth welding mode: welding head movement in the axial direction of the workpiece, to move to the outer ring to be welded seam position, the rotator rotate the workpiece for circulate welding.

MIG Welding head applied with linear speed and height tracking devices, the tracker attached to the surface by having its own drive system and can be driven in the reverse direction movement of the welding head along the outer edge of the workpiece, maintaining a relatively constant lateral position of the welding head; control system uses PLC intelligent control.