• Brand: BOTA

  • Model: BT-32095
  • Origin: China

  • Delivery Time: 1 Month


The roller frame means that the circular weld is driven to rotate with the help of the friction between the weld and the active roller in order to complete the welding of the circular weld. The welding speed can be adjusted by the speed of the active roller on the roller frame. The rollers should always be kept on the same axis so that the workpiece is not easily deformed and slipped when rotating. Adjustable roller frame has three types: manual screw adjustable type, manual bolt shift type and electric slide shift type. By adjusting the distance of rollers, it is applicable to different diameter barrels.


1. The drive wheel of the roller frame is made of steel after layers of selection, and the tooth surface is quenched and lubricated with lubricant for long-lasting use without changing gears.
2. The roller frame can be used for the assembly and welding of heavy cylindrical workpieces such as pipes, containers, boilers and oil tanks.
3. It can be matched with operating machine and submerged arc welding machine to realize the welding of internal and external longitudinal seam or internal and external circumferential seam of workpiece.
4. Variable frequency control box and manual control box operate the direction of roller operation and adjust the welding speed.
5. Adopt polyurethane roller, high quality motor reducer, with good self-locking performance.
6. Equipment configuration for double active frame, using three-phase asynchronous motor drive way, domestic frequency converter speed regulation, wide speed range, stable load bearing.
7. Frequency conversion double motor, power saving, high power and long life.


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