• Brand: BOTA

  • Model: BGHB Series
  • Origin: China

  • Delivery Time: 1 Month


Product Description

This machine is designed according to special character of vessel welding,its mainly consisit of Gantry frame,slide structure,welding gun tracking device,Flux recovery system,electrical control system and Submerged welding machine.Gantry frame is main part of machine,Advanced and reasonable design ,Main components are specially proceeded after welding,it runs with reliable ability,and it also has long using time. Walking structure is controlled two AC inverter motors and they are synchronous. There is rolls structure between railway and frame ,it makes sure safty of running and smooth.


There is h beam guiding for h beam vessel welding.This guiding device adopts three axis tracking system,are pressure for up and down tracking and floating for left and right tracking,also there is welding gun adjusting device to make sure welding gun at right welding position

There is a flux recovry system,flux floats to unwelded joint through flux funnel to make sure normal
welding. Recovery pipe collects flux behind welding gun. Then Flux will be circularly used Submerged welding power is set on Gantry frame ,so that we can use less control cable and welding cable, also it has short respondse character.Control panel is set at columns at two sides, its very convenient
to operate .Welding cables distribution adopts imported chain, its quite beautiful external. Walking motor adopts VFD adjusting, Speed digital show, Power of welding machine and frame walking are
synchronously controlled. We use siemens breaker for motor of welding arm and recovery motor, it has excellent character and reliable.


Our products are mainly used in manufacturing, construction and energy industries. In the manufacturing industry, they are widely used in the manufacture and maintenance of large metal structures such as ships, bridges, pressure vessels, pipelines and storage tanks. In the construction industry, they are used to build large buildings, steel structures and bridges, etc. In the energy industry, they are used in oil and gas pipelines, petrochemical plants, nuclear power plants, etc.

We can provide the most suitable equipment and services according to your specific needs and specific application scenarios, helping you to improve production efficiency and reduce production costs.

about us

Luoyang Bota Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise that integrates research and development, manufacturing and sales of professional intelligence in automatic welding and cutting of equipment. Our company has been certified by GB/T19001-2016/IS09001:2015 for its quality management system and European Union CE certification. With the developed heavy industry in manufacturing and processing base, our company has now become the leader in the welding and cutting industry in the country. Our products have been distributed all over the country and have been exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and many other countries.