The column type welding manipulator is a kind of welding auxiliary equipment with wide application and high degree of automation. It can meet the welding needs of various welding methods for different workpieces through the lifting and telescoping of the horizontal arm.


As per the boom up& down, valid stretching stroke and boom end load, there are light type, and heavy type and manned type. As per the structure, there are fixed type, moving type, fixed& rotation type, movable& rotation type.
Column and boom adopt high quality steel structure with good rigidity. The guide rail is manufactured by45 steel. After aging treatment, planting, grinding welding to keep the guide rail from deformation, to improve the precision and prolong the service life.


1. Equipped with manned platforms and working frames .It’s easy to operate and work at height .
2. Columns and beams are whole boxshaped structure , which has high mechanical strenght , good stability .
3. Stretching of cross boom adapts AC frequency converter stepless speed control and runs with steady speed .
4. Head equipped with electric cross slides, can adjust position of welding ..
5. Chain break-resistant and anti-slip device in boom to guarantee safety. .
6. Braking device can ensure column work in safe environment.
7. Customized manipulator requirements are accepted.
8. Automatic flux feeding, recovering devices, wire feeder device, working platform and chair ( Optional ).


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