• Brand: BOTA

  • Model: BMSC Series
  • Origin: China

  • Delivery Time: 1 Month


Heavy-duty type/ Super heavy duty type CNC flame/plasma cutting machine difference:
1、Machine difference: Heavy-duty type machine all use large thickness of the rectangular tube + steel plate welding shape,Heavy-duty sub-torch transmission using steel belt conveyor structure, Travel frame is the side rail structure。Super Heavy-duty machine use steel cold bending,inner reinforcement structure sub-torch steel belt transmission, Travel frame is the cross-rail structure。
2、Configuration differences: configuration different, see above configuration table。
3、Super-heavy type can be installed according to user needs matching parts。
4. Heavy-duty type 12 Months Warranty ,Super-heavy type 18 Months Warranty.
5、See the above picture for the outline and reference picture of the machine。


The cross beam and end frame adopt one-piece welded structure with good rigidity and high strength, each guiding surface is precision machined to ensure the correct positioning of each moving body, bilateral drive structure, system with delicate structure, high degree of automation, simple operation, easy maintenance and high reliability, from metal sheet to large thickness steel plate can be easily cut.


Luoyang Bota Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Industrial Zone of Yiyang Country, Luoyang City, Henan Province,China. covering an area of 35,000 meter square. It is a high-tech enterprise that integrates research and development, manufacturing and sales of professional intelligence in automatic welding and cutting of equipment.