• Brand: BOTA

  • Model: BGTB Series
  • Origin: China

  • Delivery Time: 1 Month


This equipment is widely used in the automatic welding production of automobile girders and construction machinery “I” beams. The control system adopts centralized control and can be applied to automatic welding equipment for constant cross-section, variable cross-section, arched H-beams, and trailer longitudinal beams. It is equipped with automatic welding seam tracking device and automatic flux recovery device. The welding speed is controlled by a frequency converter, stepless speed regulation, stable and reliable operation, and fast return function, simple operation and high work efficiency. The schematic diagram is as follows (the product is subject to the actual product)


1. Automatic double guide arc device, which can dynamically track the weld seam and realize two-way reciprocating welding to ensure the quality of the weld seam and improve the production efficiency.
2. Automatic flux feeding and recycling device can reduce flux loss, reduce workers’ labor intensity and improve production efficiency.
3. The welding power source and the main machine are centrally controlled, and the linkage operation is simple and convenient.
4. The welding walking motor adopts AC frequency conversion speed control, which can realize stepless adjustment.
5 welding process can be single-wire single-arc, double-wire single-arc or double-wire double-arc mode according to the requirements.


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